Welcome To The Gian Foundation

The Gian Foundation exists to support the education of underprivileged children in India, Liberia and other areas of the world where the education we take for granted in the UK isn’t freely available to all.


Many of the children we sponsor can-not afford the books / note books or basic tuition to keep up with the main stream. Our goal is to help these children to earn a living for themselves in the future. All children have potential but some need our support to help them achieve this potential. We believe that education does not start and finish in schools but can be gained from activities outside schools e.g. a trip to the zoo, exhibitions, watching plays etc.


Stack of books

We help children reach their potential through education and by doing so to live life with dignity and deal with the issues that life throws up with confidence.


Our website will tell you more about the foundations’ work, our aims, who runs the organisation and, most importantly, the children we help, all of who we have a direct connection with so we know where ALL the funds and efforts are being directed.


You’ll also find out how you can support the work we do, either by making a donation or attending one of the many fundraising events that we organise every year.


The inspiration behind the Gian Foundation

The following poem, donated to the Foundation by Radhika in 2004, sums up the inspiration behind our work.




Just because I am sightless,
Please do not think of me as blind,
For you have no way of knowing what I can see in my mind.
How many colours or pictures
Each brightly, vibrantly, glowing
Can I hold in one dream?
You have no way of knowing.


My thoughts and my imagination
Are unfettered, flying free.
I can hold the moon and the stars
So please don’t pity me!
Do not try and lead me –
For I follow no ones wake.
Yes, I may stumble on the way
But they are my steps that I take.


My thought process may differ
But that does not mean I cannot learn
And it does not mean that I am
Stupid, or that I cannot earn.
My independence is important,
Don’t take that away from me –
Don’t throw me on the scrap heap
Because you think I cannot see!


I think, I feel, I hear, I speak!
My ambitions are strong and clear,
And I will achieve all of them by
Facing each challenge, overcoming the fear.
You have no way of knowing
What I can see in my mind,
So, just because I am sightless, do not assume that I am blind!


© Donated by Radhika to the Gian Foundation, 1st December 2004