Who Are We?

The Gian Foundation was started in 2002 to promote skills for life. The organisation gained charitable status in 2003.


“The Gian Foundation has been set up to sponsor the education of underprivileged children, primarily but not exclusively, blind and orphaned, thus enabling them to earn a living for themselves in the future.


We seek to give opportunities to these children to fulfill their potential: live with dignity and deal with issues of life with confidence”


The foundation was started by Mr. Yashpal Anand, to enable children to have the opportunity to get an education – academic or vocational to have a chance to move out of poverty: to increase their self-respect and become useful members of the community.


We work with other local charities to improve educational facilities.


Our trustees are:


  • Yashpal Anand – Chairman
  • Gillian Anand – Secretary
  • Jaipal Anand
  • Larry Rebolledo
  • Peter Dear